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Notice of Correction and Non-Compliance

In order to ensure the safety of the public, you as the owner have the obligation to ensure the compliance of your building and its systems. The Régie du bâtiment du Québec (RBQ) periodically conducts inspections in order to verify whether your facilities meet the existing standards.

Following an inspection, if the RBQ inspector detects a non-compliance on a site under your responsibility, a notice of correction will be given to you. This notice mentions all nonconformities and you must correct them within a given time limit.

Put Us in Charge!

At Ascenseurs Laval, our experts will perform all upgrades to meet established standards while ensuring the quality of work and the safety of the facilities.

After we correct the nonconformities, we send the completed correction notices to the RBQ and provide you with all the supporting documents showing that we have made the corrections.

Conformité CNESST

For more information about correction notices, you can consult the flowchart designed by the RBQ (in french) or contact us.

​​Nos experts s’assurent que vos ascenseurs, monte-charges et autres transports verticaux répondent aux normes de la CNESST. Contactez-nous pour vous assurer du respect de la conformité à la CNESST.


Complete Safety

Our customers’ peace of mind of is important to us.

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