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Modernization, Renovation and Replacement of Elevators in Montreal

Ascenseurs Laval stands out from other companies by its ability to extend the service life of your vertical transport systems (elevators, freight elevators, escalators, passenger lifts, dumbwaiters, etc.).

By upgrading and modernizing certain components, Ascenseurs Laval can extend the lifespan of your elevator, lift or other elevation system in Montreal, without having to replace it in its entirety. Thus, we guarantee the safety and reliability of your system, while reducing your costs

When you upgrade your elevator - or other vertical transportation system – you remain up-to-date with new security and accessibility requirements, as well as new compliance standards.

According to Your Needs

Various work can be done to improve the performance, reliability, or look of your elevator. At Ascenseurs Laval, we are proud to offer you upgrade options that meet your expectations and your budget. We try to replace only parts that are obsolete.

An Overview of The Work We Do

  • Replacement of controllers, relays, valves, etc.

  • Replacement of hydraulic cylinders or towing cables

  • Replacement or refurbishment of cabins and door equipment

  • Replacement of safety curtains with light rays

  • Replacement of CQM1 programmable controllers 

  • Engine and generator rebuild

  • Renovation of door operators

  • Annual safety brake test (required by the Régie du bâtiment du Québec)

Our experts will evaluate your needs and propose solutions that are in line with the way your vertical transportation system is used, the particularities of the building where it is located, your budget as well as your specifications in terms of how you want your system to look. Contact us!

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Is Your Elevator Getting Old?

We invite you to read this article by La Presse newspaper (in french) published in July 2016 to learn more.


Complete Safety

Our customers’ peace of mind is important to us.

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