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Elevator Maintenance and Repair in Montreal

At Ascenseurs Laval, we care about making sure your elevator, freight elevator or other vertical transportation system is working properly. When you call upon our know-how for the maintenance or repair of your elevators in Montreal and surrounding areas, you can count on the excellent service provided by our competent team.


We offer a complete maintenance service that includes thorough follow up to ensure maximum security for the users of your elevators.

Our maintenance plans are also very thorough: they include visits monthly, annually, every two years and every five years to meet the building requirements and code applicable to your system. Our plans also include preventive maintenance that detects and resolves problems before they result in untimely shutdowns, while prolonging the life of your system.

Maintenance Contract

At Ascenseurs Laval, we care about the interests of our customers and want to offer you the best service at the best price. Thus, we propose the following strategy:

  • Basic maintenance per month

  • Service calls, as needed

  • Repairs, when necessary

  • Updates, when the budget allows.


When you have a maintenance contract with Ascenseurs Laval, you benefit from 24-hour repair services, 365 days a year.

We offer rapid repair services and our technicians are well equipped to quickly get your system up and running again. Our repair service is always available to our customers because we believe in the need to maintain equipments to prevent potential problems.

Whether for an emergency or a maintenance visit, at Ascenseurs Laval, we always have your safety at heart. That's why we do all the work according to the highest standards of the industry. For more information, contact us!

Elevator Shaft Repair
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Is Your Elevator Getting Old?

We invite you to read this article by La Presse newspaper (in french) published in July 2016 to learn more.


Complete Safety

Our customers’ peace of mind of is important to us.

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